April 29, 2008

Another Year......

...Has come and gone, my little princess turns 5 today....
It's your birthday time again;
It's true; There's no denying,
Another year has come and gone;
You know that I'm not lying.
So for you the birthday girl,
Here is what I want to say:
I hope this birthday is the best one yet,
In every delightful way.
So Happy Birthday to you,
Have lots of birthday fun!
May your birthday wishes all come true,
Even if you have a ton.

As we observe your birthday now,
Your cake and gifts don't matter much.
These common things aren't really you,
Ribbons, paper hats and such.

We celebrate a person who
Brings happiness to everyone,
Someone who gives more than she gets,
And fills our lives with joy and fun.

So Happy Birthday, and many more!
We hope you make it to a hundred and two,
Because we cannot even dream
What life would be like without you.

April 09, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Light at the end of the tunnel

Here we go again....
A Wordless Wednesday Post that will have some words....

I have been lost for a while.
I have tried to 'pretend' that everything was ok when it wasn't.
I have even come out to people that I am having a few problems.
But in doing so I haven't been completely honest.
I was trying to hide my emotions and feelings from people.
But I was hiding them from myself.
I'm not hiding anynmore.
I was faced with an extremely grave situation.
And I was forced to see things.
Things I have been hiding from myself for a VERY long time.
He tried to be there for me and I pushed him away.
But...guess what?
(for reals this time)
His grasp is so strong, and I will never let go.
I will have moments of weakness from time to time.
But I have great friends and an amayzing family to help me.
The Light at the End of The Tunnel is so bright.
I hope you all can find it too.
And a BIG thank you to all my blogging and myspace friends who have quietly helped me.

April 04, 2008

The Pregnant Man....

I'm am pretty sure a good amount of women all around the world have wished that their husband would get pregnant........

The majical fairy answered your prayers.....


Did anyone actually watch this show??? I wish I would have known...I would have DVR'd it!

So what do you think about it?

March 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Us Girls and Our Man!!

March 26, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: A Lesson: You can't always judge a book by it's cover

So I'm trying something new.

Wordless Wednesday....

just post a picture.

Here is the picture......

Go this link...and read the story behind the picture.

Then read it from his wife's point of view....

March 18, 2008

Dear Life

Dear Life-

I know sometimes I can be a complainer. I whine too much about the smallest little things, and I know I can not change them. But a break every now and then would be nice. I have been extremely (im) patient but due to certain circumstances, I can no longer wait. I will make a list for you. (In hopes that a list is easier to follow, then my constant ramblings.)

  1. Enough is enough. I know I live in Colorado, but can a girl catch a break? I am SICK AND TIRED of winter....I want to be able to get a pedicure and wear open toed shoes, oh and a dress....that would be nice.
  2. I keep asking for you to make the days I will settle. You don't have to make everyday longer......just about 15 minutes on thursdays so I can shave my legs....PLEASE?
  3. I need to get my nails done, and my hair cut....could you schedule that for sometime during my sleeping hours....that would be sooo great.
  4. Oh...and while your at it. Teach Makayla her address and phone number.
  5. Next week is spring break. And while I'll be Super-Duper-Uber busy. Give my friends a nice week with some warm weather and minimalize the stress....we can do without for a week. K?

F.Y.I I honestly believe that if you just ease up a little people would stop calling such bad and nasty names.

Life doesn't have to be a B****, ya Know?

Oh...and Thank you for so graciously answering all these requests in such a timely manner (cause I know you will)